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Alan C. Walter

Alan C. Walter (1935-2009) was the founder of Knowledgism. Many of his writings can be found freely online. This section of PaulsRobot is not a repository of his writings, nor an homage, but merely a container to place a number of modules based on Alan's work where they can be found by anyone interested.

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ACW Home

This page you are reading now.


A basic FAQ about ACW on PaulsRobot.

Module list

A list of the ACW modules available at PaulsRobot. This module list includes a brief description of each.

ACW glossary

A glossary of ACW or Knowledgism terms as used on PaulsRobot.

Sample sessions

Some real sessions using PaulsRobot ACW modules.

About | Terms of use

A duplicate of the main PaulsRobot3 page with the same name.

Rub & Yawn and ACW

There is nothing to stop you incorporating Rub & Yawn into ACW modules, although they don't natively belong there.