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PaulsRobot3 ACW: Glossary

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  • AUDIT(OR)(ING): (Part of List1) Process(or)(ing), running PaulsRobot or Scn or Kn procedures on a client (Scn term)
  • BELIEF: At best, a belief is a less than true explanation of why something is the way it has become. (21st Century New Public Series 3)
  • BELIEF SYSTEM: A belief system is the set of a person's interrelated ideas, principles, precepts, rules, or laws that governs their acceptance or conviction in the actuality of something they perceive. It is the person's mind set. Belief systems are created by the person's knowledge and experiences. (Study Series 3)
  • CLEANING A CLEAN: (Part of List1) Trying to accomplish something that has already been achieved, creating a protest in the person concerned. (Scn term)
  • DOT: (Part of Prez) A being so not there that it is less than a dot in size and presence. (Executive Series 34). A DOT is the smallness of the state and size of a Spiritual Being that doesn’t know, or one that is denying its spiritual sourceness and spiritual power ( • actual size). A DOT is always surrounded by heavy pain and unpleasant sensations. The reason a DOT is a DOT is that they are living (if you could call it living) in a collapsed universe. (Pain Series 31)
  • DREAM: An aspiration; ambition; a wild fancy or hope. (The Paradigm Maps Series). Dream: n. 1. A series of thoughts, images, ideas and emotions occurring during sleep. 2. A visionary creation of the imagination. 3. A strongly desired goal or purpose; an aspiration. 4. Something that fully satisfies a wish. The Dream is the intention, the goal, the purpose, the target, the mission. This is the future Wants projected from now. This is what drives you forward. It is the mission statement, what you want out of your life, the optimum scenario or goal that is vital to focus your life-force particles. (Paradigm Matrix, Chapter Two)
  • EMOTION: n. 1. The spiritual pleasant effort to get into motion; E-motion. The range of emotion goes from antagonism through monotony, boredom, disinterest, content, mild interest, conservatism, strong interest, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, and aesthetic to exhilaration. (The Executive Series 4) Emotion: n. The Effort to put someone or something into Motion. (Client Role Education Glossary) E-Motion means the amount of effort it takes the spirit to cause something to move. The more in motion, the less effort, the higher the mood. (Zones Of Life Book, Volume I) An Emotion by definition is a sensation or feeling for or against someone or something. (Emotion Series 1)
  • MOOD: n. 1. The state of mind or feeling stemming from one's emotional condition. Observation of the emotional state of someone who tells you what mood they are in. (The Executive Series 4) The emotional level that one uses to get things done to perform his or her role. The motion velocity at which an individual operates chronically. (The Full Role Education Series) A mood is composed of life-force particles, impulsed at different speeds which create different moods, and when combined with the imagery acts as a psychic glue to help fuse with other images and thus create agreement. (Ascension Series 22) Mood is the state of mind or feeling stemming from the flow of force through one's paradigm matrix. (Training Series 32)


ACW Glossary (continued)

  • PERCEPTION: This is the spiritual ability to observe, experience accurately with full comprehension all perceptics such as sight, sound, color, motion, heat, cold, smell, taste, depth, spatiality, correctness of time, correct estimation of energy, correct volume of particles, direction, in-flow, outflow, stuck flow, and no flow. (Responsibility Series 20)
  • PRECEPT: 1. A prescribed rule of conduct or action; instruction or direction. 2. Instruction or direction regarding a given course of action, especially a maxim in morals. The basis and source of a belief system. (Study Series 3) A precept is a substitute for YOU. It is a substitute of your perception, because you’ve perceived through the precept. Precepts are the basis for all study problems. The basic thing about a precept is it is a form of not being there. The precept is there, and you’re not. (Lecture: "Comprehension Of Precepts", January 22, 1993)
  • PRESENCE: Is best defined as You, the spiritual or god-like Being, being fully aware, and at the optimum mood level, here. Hereness is best defined as, at this place, at this time, which can span past, present, and future. The more able the Being, the longer the time span. At all times, hereness includes nowness. Optimumly, hereness includes spanning a little past, all of now, and the extended future. (Effective Communication Series 12) PRESENCE: 1. The state or fact of being spiritually present. 2. Immediate hereness in this time or this space. 3a. The area immediately surrounding a great personage, especially a sovereign granting audience. b. A person who is present. 4. A person's manner of carrying himself; bearing. 5. A supernatural influence felt to be nearby. 6. Spiritual hereness at this time, in this space. (Responsibility Series 20) PRESENCE: 1. Your state of continuous arrival or being here. 2. Your ability to fully own, be responsible for, control, and embrace the total consequences of all composite parts of a paradigm. For example: the ABILITY PARADIGM of Spirit, Perception, Intention, Vision, Plan, Implementation (Action), and Outcome (must match Vision). (Prosperity Series 1)
  • RESTIMULATE: (Part of List1) Same as the verb meaning of Trigger.
  • TRIGGER: A trigger is a present time reminder of something from the past. The trigger causes the past incident to begin to play. (Training Series 32) Triggers mean that something previous in time that is similar to what is going on now and contains highly upsetting energy has been activated and is controlling the client's behavior. If you miss it, you will betray the client's trust. (Levels Of Existence Series 1)
  • VISION: A spiritually created, three dimensional image that is telepathically projected into a future time and place which establishes what you are working towards. (By-Passed Charge Series 7) A spiritually created image containing all perceptions and the ability to apply. (Clean Slate Series 4) The Vision is the BIG picture. This is how your life, environment and those connected to your dream will optimumly appear and operate in the physical universe as you approach its completion. This includes the state of your and others’ objects, wealth, resources, income, friends, mood levels, expansion, position in society, happiness and success. The vision is the software for the mind. (Secrets Book, Preface)
  • WANT: n. 1. The state or fact of lacking, or having too little of, something needed or desired. 2. A wish or desire for something; craving. 3. Something needed or desired but lacking. (The Paradigm Maps Book, page 7)