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Great! Let's do the full pre-session check to make sure I'm ready for the session.

I'm familiar with what is needed and I am fully sessionable. I've set up the session environment. Let's go!

Lemme outta here!


Get some experience with basic Rub & Yawn sessions before using PaulsRobot

It is easier to make good use of the PaulsRobot modules if you are familiar with what to expect in a Rub & Yawn session and have had some success with the Rub & Yawn procedure. If you have not done this, it is suggested that you watch this YouTube video and follow the instructions given in it while doing so. It is like an exercise video for the mind in that the benefit comes from doing what is shown, not from sitting back on the couch and watching it while drinking a beer. An alternative to the YouTube video is the text at

Be "sessionable" (enough food/sleep, not under the influence etc.) for the session

Before doing a Rub & Yawn session, it is best to prepare for the session, not so much mentally but physically. This means
  • having had enough rest and sleep so that you are not physically tired at the time of the session,
  • having had enough nutritious food so that you are well-fed,
  • not being under the influence of drugs or alcohol,
  • having enough time for the session,
  • being in an environment relatively free from distractions, i.e. no kids or pets running around, no sudden loud noises, mobile phone and radio turned off, no people looking over your shoulder etc., and
  • being willing to read and follow the instructions given.
These requirements are important.

If any of these points are not taken care of at the time of the session, then the session may fail, despite the session actions being done correctly otherwise. An obvious example would be if you are drunk and cannot focus your attention at all, but each of the above factors is important. Note that being upset or angry or miserable will not prevent you having an excellent session as long as you follow the session instructions. Being properly prepared for a session as above is called being "sessionable," whether you have a session or not. It is sometimes hard to be sessionable if one has a hectic lifestyle, but it is very necessary if one wants to have a good session. There are more details on these points in the relevant pre-session pages.

Visualizing your topic

What you will be addressing in a PaulsRobot session is called your "topic." It might be a sour relationship you are in; an abusive childhood that you can't get out of your head for long; the loss of a loved one; feeling bad over some failure in life; whatever. You may have decided on your topic before the session starts, or you may simply want to take the option of determining the topic that should be run now right after the session has started. The visualizing procedure will help you to discharge the harmful energy built up over time concerning your topic, and replace the harmful energy in your system with good clean energy.


Rub & Yawn

The discharges will be visible as yawns, or sighs, or other obvious physical actions. The "Rub" part of Rub & Yawn — you vigorously rub your hands together, rub your chest, your back, your arms and legs, take your shoes off and rub your feet on the carpet, s-t-r-e-t-c-h, push down on the table, squeeze your chair etc. — seems to stimulate the body into drawing in the fresh energy it needs from the environment.

While doing the rubbing and visualizing of your topic as directed by whichever screen you are looking at there are basically three things that can happen (see below). You will click on whichever link is appropriate, and this will determine the next screen you will see and direction you will receive.

Three possible reactions

Assuming that Rub & Yawn actually works with you . . . once you have put your attention fully on a topic, have chewed it around a bit to make it real to yourself with examples of how it could apply in your own life, and have done a bit of vigorous rubbing with your attention still on it, there are basically three and only three things that can happen:

Nothing worth mentioning

This means the topic is either uncharged/undercharged or inaccessible right now. Just dump it and go onto something else more worthy of your time and attention.

You start to shut down

Whoa! This means your topic is overcharged and needs URGENT action or you could easily just fall asleep on the spot. It won't kill you (don't do this while driving!) but it wastes your time. Hit the shutting down link and follow the instructions immediately.

Discharges start to come off

This means your topic is just right, neither undercharged nor overcharged. Rub & Yawn away and have a great session!

End point for a Core session

The end point for a Core session is the usual one, as covered here.

Shutting down

If you feel yourself shutting down (suddenly feeling like going to sleep), recognize it as such. Hit the red "Shutting down" link, STAND UP! and then rub stuff firmly and yawn for as long as needed to get rid of the shutting down. End off dealing with the shutting down when you can rub away for a full minute by the clock without getting off any more yawns. Close out the "Shutting down" tab/window, and continue the procedure where you left off.

Have a written session plan before you start the session

You should have a written session plan before you start. Here are half a dozen examples you might find useful. You can write this yourself if you don't have someone else acting as your session supervisor. The reason for writing it is so that you know exactly what you will be doing in the session, and don't go off on some wild tangent. You should not do a session without a written session plan which you keep to in session. If the session plan turns out to not be working in session, then end off the session and write a different session plan outside of session.


In a heavy session one's analytical thinking powers will be tied up with dealing with the session phenomena and there won't be enough clear thinking ability remaining to make a sensible plan on the spot. Outside the session one can usually think much straighter.

Use the Robot commands

These sessions go much better if you follow the instructions and allow the Robot to give the commands and run the session. If you stop clicking the links and try to do it all in your head instead it really doesn't work so well.