Paul giving a session

Common: Pre-Session - 2/6 - Proper Food and Water

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Response Options:

Yes, yes, I have eaten recently and well, drunk some fresh water, and I am not hungry or thirsty

No, I've not eaten like you insist

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Well-rested? OK/Not OK
Well-fed? OK/Not OK


Have you eaten well? Nutritious food, not junk? Have you recently drunk some fresh water? That means plain, simple water, not coffee, not tea, not a soft drink, just water? And you are not hungry or thirsty?

Again, we will be addressing energy manifestations. If your body is short of energy because you have not fed it enough nutritious food, the session is likely to fail for that reason alone. This is a very important point. Do not continue if you are not well fed.

Well-fed means what the words say. It does not only mean that you have eaten what you normally eat, or you just chomped on some fries and a Coke. A skinny model or Hollywood actress might not have been well fed at any point since the age of ten.