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This Antago module is aimed at discharging antagonistic items. These may include people, places or things, past and present. It is not a lick-and-a-promise approach, in that one heavy item might take a dozen hours or more to completely deal with. Or a very light item might take five minutes or less.

In session, the procedure will allow you to choose an item to address first. You may then choose from two avenues to address that item:

  • Rizzo is most useful for heavy items. It comprises three procedures (Reach & Withdraw, 6-Direction process, Rog), from which you may choose one or more to use. It's OK if you are not familiar with these procedures because you can wing it as you go along provided you follow the instructions on each of the pages when you come to them.
  • Mega, comprising 15 PaulsRobot modules (Core, Rog, HeavyDuty, Morph, BasicR3X, Dipoles, Psycho, Ruds, Int/Ext/Stay by Groups, FDS, Slate, Pono, Prez, Ush, Ush2) covering the widest possible range of approaches, out of which you may choose one or more to use.
The idea is to bang away at the items one by one with as many approaches as it takes until you're not bothered by them any more.